DOT Numbers and MC Authority | Episode 3

Big step #2 of starting a trucking company after setting up your business is applying for your DOT number and MC number, also known as operating authority. You can’t do much in trucking without one or both of these numbers. How do you know which one you need or if you need them at all? My buddy Tyler with Motor Carrier HQ and I cover all the basics in this episode.

Here are some of subjects we discuss in detail:

What To Expect After Applying For Your Operating Authority

Once you do apply, the contact info you provide becomes public, and you’ll start to receive a ton of solicitations for everything from compliance companies to factoring and insurance. Watch out for snakes in the grass that try to take advantage of you. There are a lot of shady companies, especially ones who try to make you think they are the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

Every situation is different. What licenses and hoops you have to jump through might be different than what your friend had to do. If you have any questions you can always talk to one of the experts at Motor Carrier HQ, heck you might even get to talk to Tyler. They will talk to you about your specific situation, absolutely no obligation.

Let’s dive into all the questions we answer this episode.

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