Buying A Truck | Episode 5

What to Expect From Episode 5

This is a fun episode. Who doesn’t get excited about buying the truck that they are going to use to make them money. Heck, you are probably going to live in this thing 24/7 for days, if not weeks at a time. If there is a decision you want to get right, this is it. Here are some of the things we are going to talk about:

  • Buying new vs used
  • If you buy used, how many miles it should have
  • If you should buy a warranty
  • What you should look for in a truck
  • The cost of the truck

Doing the Job

Get a truck that is going to do the job you need it to do. We talk about things like not buying a heavy haul truck if you are going to be hauling reefer loads.

How Much Does a Truck Cost?

There is more that goes into the cost of a truck than just what you pay the dealer. That is just the beginning and in the long run, not the biggest cost of owning a truck. We talk about the total cost of ownership and go into detail about the following:

  • Purchase price
  • Operating costs
    • Fuel
    • Repairs
    • Maintenance
  • Resale value


I talk a bit about the spreadsheet I used to help me make a decision on which truck to buy. You can download the spreadsheet and learn more about it on Motor Carrier HQ.

What I Bought

I purchased a Kenworth T680 with a PACCAR MX 13 455 engine and Eaton 13 speed manual transmission. I have been on the road for about two months now, no issues. I am loving the truck so far. Here is a picture before a deer decided it was a linebacker and tried to tackle me.

And here is the deer damage.

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Doug Lorenzana

Hi….37 years of trucking, have owned multiple different truck brands and the one model that I made the most money and had the least breakdowns was a Volvo 770. It was a 2003 model with 406,000 miles and it had the lower dinette with the upper bed. I sold it with 1.3 million miles without overhaul, but it had a Cummins motor opposed to a Volvo motor. Great truck! I enjoy your podcast!

Mike Anderson

Loving the episodes! Maybe you will get into later on, but I would like to hear some more details. How did you find the truck, and what did you pay for a used truck with that many miles compared to some others you looked at. You mentioned your haul to Texas then back to northern Utah, will you be giving numbers on your loads? How many miles? How much did you make on the haul, how long did it take you? Like I say, loving it! But for us guys contemplating starting, some more details would be fun to hear… Read more »

Mike Anderson

Awesome, thank you for the numbers! Looking forward to more episodes!

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Hollish Hitchen

Great podcast


Was wondering if I could get some advice and questions specific to my situation? I would really appreciate the time and help. My email is Thank you!


Thank you for this podcast!! We are in the process of buying our trucks. Your mechanic said the fleet you got the truck from took care of their trucks very well. May i know what fleet is it pls? also, can you tell me which dealer and what state did you luckily found your truck? Really appreciate you!!


When you purchased your truck at PACCAR what was the negotiation like, was there wiggle room on the advertised price vs what you paid? Were they willing to deal or was it a take it or leave it?

Last edited 3 years ago by Donald

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[…] use to help you find the right truck. Our podcast Haulin Assets has a few episodes that can help. Episode five is all about purchasing a truck and episode six covers how to finance […]