How To Meet DOT Drug and Alcohol Requirements
| Episode 15

The drug and alcohol regulations for the FMCSA and DOT intimidate a lot of people. The DOT takes them very seriously and non-compliance is one of the areas that will get you in hot water with the government really fast. Following the rules is really not overly difficult or even too expensive, you just have to do it.

Motor Carrier HQ has a flat-rate program that costs $199 for the first year and then is $139 each year after that and they take care of the details. This episode will also help you better understand what needs to be done.

What to Expect From Episode 15

In this episode Craig and I sit down with Mercedes, Motor Carrier HQ’s compliance guru. We spend most of our time talking about drug and alcohol compliance, but also go over some of the other key compliance requirements you need to complete before you actually get on the road.

Mercedes even created a checklist that covers about everything you need to do or have before getting on the road. You can learn more about the compliance items that need to happen before hitting the road and accessing the checklist by going to Motor Carrier HQ.

Here are some of the bullet points we covered during this episode:

  • What is a drug and alcohol consortium?
  • Do I have to have a drug and alcohol policy?
  • What do I have to give my drivers?
  • If I am the owner and only driver, do I have to participate in my company’s drug and alcohol program? (Spoiler, the answer is YES.)
  • Pre-employment drug tests
  • Random drug testing pool
  • Driver qualification files

Listen to the Full Episode

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francisco balbuena

I like you’re podcast, in one off you’re podcast you talked about private investors were would I fine some of then in California

[…] a checklist on what you need to do to get your drug and alcohol requirements in order, listen to the how to meet drug and alcohol requirements episode on our Haulin’ Assets […]