September Financials | Episode 24

It’s another episode where we go over the financials for Haulin Assets.

What to Expect From Episode 24

Overall, it was a pretty good month. Here is a quick overview, and we talk about all the details. There are a lot of things that happened this month and we talk about all of them in this episode, so give it a listen. Scroll to the bottom and you’ll see copies of the Profit and Loss Statement and the Balance Sheet.

  • Total miles ran – 10,520
  • Deadhead miles – 1,157
  • Total revenue – $20,939.04
  • All-in rate-per-mile – $1.99
  • Full days on the road – 13
  • Partial days on the road – 6

In the end Haulin Assets realized a profit of $1,099.86. The synopsis is that revenue was good for the month, but expenses were a lot higher than normal. Listen to the entire episode to learn more about the details, specifically which expenses were so high and why.

The company that replaced my trailer tire I discussed was Kent’s Tire out of Wichita Falls, TX. They were super fast, didn’t even have time to burn a 30 minute rest break.

Routes Traveled

Financial Sheets

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I have a DUI that dates back to 1991 willl this be an issue looking for employment? Just finished my CDL A school