Don’t Get Screwed, Broker Edition | Episode 27

There are good brokers and bad brokers; you need to know how to deal with the guys who don’t care about you or your business and just want to get everything out of you that they can. Listen to this episode to learn what to watch out for when dealing with brokers.

Why I’m Doing Haulin Assets

In this episode I also talked a bit more about my background and why I am doing this podcast. I mentioned a couple of my businesses that provide different services to the trucking industry. If you ever had a need for any of the services we provide, we would love to have yo consider working with us.

Motor Carrier HQ helps drivers who want to start their own trucking company go through the startup process and it helps them with other administrative requirements like DOT compliance, IFTA, etc. you can check it out at

I also mentioned iThrive Funding that helps trucking companies manage their cashflow and billing paperwork through factoring, you can check them out at

What to Expect From Episode 27

Craig and I discuss the difference between transactional relationships and lasting relationships. Most brokers work with owner operators like it’s a transactional relationship. Basically, they don’t care if they ever do business with you again, and that’s how they treat you, and some will try to take advantage of you. Because of that, you need to be careful with how you deal with them so you are protected.

Here are the main things you need to watch out for, we cover them in detail during this episode, including what you can do to prevent them from happening to you:

  • Not getting paid for a load
  • Not getting paid for detention
  • Not getting reimbursed for lumper fees

Other Things to Be Careful Of:

  • Watch out for brokers who promise the world.
  • Read the rate sheet, look for hidden fees, fines, and weird conditions.
  • Be wary of brokers who have been in business for less than 12 months.

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