To Take a Load or Not, That Is the Question | Episode 36

One of the most common questions owner operators ask themselves is whether they should take a lower paying load now, or sit and wait for a better paying load. We try to answer that question during this episode.

What To Expect From Episode 36

Math class is in session. Here is a story problem we are going to use to answer the question whether we should take a load or sit.

You know you can get a load today at $1.80 per mile that will keep you running 650 miles a day for three days. What rate-per-mile do you need to earn the same gross income if you sit today and wait for a better paying load tomorrow that runs two days at 650 miles per day? Your variable costs are $1.33 per mile.

Download this worksheet to help with the problem.

Download Our Spreadsheet

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Bill Gordon

Hey guys I really enjoy your podcast since I am planning to become an OO possibly within two years. I do have a question and I hope you will eventually answer it. It’s one that keeps popping in my head. My plan so far is to get my truck and authority and all that and start out with leasing to a company then possibly get a dispatch service and possibly branch out to getting my own loads. The reason for this plan is hopefully while I’m learning all this I’ll make fewer mistakes along the way. But my question is… Read more »

[…] take loads that actually lose your company money. There are some exceptions to this rule, so listen to episode 36 for more info on whether or not to take loads that actually cost your company […]