Do You Have a Successful Owner Operator Mindset? | Episode 37

Since I started this podcast, I’ve talked a lot about having the mindset of an owner operator. I’m going to dive deeper into that topic during this episode.

What To Expect From Episode 37

I created a list of 10 questions you can ask yourself to help you know if you have the mindset of a successful owner operator. Craig and I will talk about each one of them in depth. They are listed from what I feel like is the least to the most important characteristic.

You might not feel like you’ve developed all these characteristics, but as long as you are strong in most of them and are willing and able to strengthen the others, you have a great chance of becoming a successful trucking company owner.

  1. Do you constantly seek to improve?
  1. Do you accept change?
  1. Do you have a “failure is not an option” attitude?
  1. Do you recover quickly from your failures?
  1. Do you love a challenge?
  1. Do you take charge?
  1. Are you resourceful?
  1. Do you understand your numbers?
  1. Do you manage your cash well?
  1. Do you take action?

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