Hiring a Driver, My Philosophy | Episode 49

Hiring the first driver for your trucking company is a huge step, and you don’t want to screw it up. It is one of the most critical steps you will take if you want to grow your company. This is the first episode of a three-part series on hiring a driver.

In the next episode, we will talk about how to classify your driver, as an employee or independent contractor. This is always one of the hottest topics in the trucking industry. The third installment will cover the actual process, the nuts and bolts.

What To Expect From Episode 49

We talk about several subjects in this episode. Here is an outline of what we cover.

Is Hiring a Driver the Right Move For Me and My Business?

You have to ask yourself if this is something you want to take on. Like almost everything in life, there are pros and cons. There are several things you need to consider like:

  • Why would I want to?
  • Do I have what it takes to be an employer?

As far as having what it takes, some skills can definitely be learned, but being a manager/employer is hard. There are several different skill-sets required, and often, they are a bit conflicting. Most people are good at one or the other, but fewer are truly great people managers who are good at both.

My Philosophy on Working With Employees

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” applies in this situation, like so many others. One of the keys to success is taking your time, don’t rush the process or you are likely to end up with buyer’s remorse.

We talk a lot about establishing a foundation of trust. I talk about one of my favorite business books, “The Speed of Trust” by Stephen M.R. Covey. If you have not read it, you should. It is very eye opening. When you have employees you can trust and they trust you, magic happens. Getting to that point can be a challenge, but it is well worth it.

We also talk about putting the trust ball in your driver’s court. Let their behavior and actions dictate how they are treated.

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Michael Smith

So what happens when you only have one employee and they quit on you? Do you scramble to try and hire another driver quickly even though you said to take your time finding a quality driver? Or do you drop what you’re doing so that you can jump back in the truck and keep the business going? And at the same time try to search for that new driver? And how tricky would it be to start a brand-new trucking company and not be the first driver in the truck as the owner? But to try and hire a driver… Read more »

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