How I Made Over $200,000 My First Year as an Owner Operator | Episode 54

Over the past year, I have laid out the blueprint for the first year of operation of a one truck, owner operator trucking company. In this episode we talk about some of the keys to my success, some of the challenges I faced, and what the end result has been. I truly feel like there is no reason anyone can’t follow my plan and be just as successful as I was. In fact, I think most people can do better than I did.

Most owner operators won’t experience some of the same challenges I faced, like having to park the truck for 4 weeks because of my Army National Guard Duty or having no driving experience. The first time I drove a truck with more than an empty trailer was the day I picked up my first load.

What To Expect From Episode 54

The first year of any business is the hardest. I feel incredibly blessed that I was able to bring in just over $200,000 in total revenue during my first 12 months as an Owner Operator. Although revenue is important, the number that really matters is the bottom line.

We cover that and so much more during this episode of the podcast, where Craig and I review the highs and lows from the startup phase through the first year in business of Haulin Assets.

Here are some of the topics we talk about:

  • The excitement of the startup phase and my total startup costs
  • My successes
    • Making a profit (listen in to hear how much)
    • Building something that is mine and will benefit my family and not someone else
    • Saving money
  • My challenges
    • My truck getting hit by a deer
    • Dealing with shippers and receivers
    • The stress of owning a business
  • What I feel like are my biggest rewards so far
    • Freedom
    • Pride of ownership
    • The understanding that I am setting myself up for financial success

Routes Traveled

You can check out where my loads took me each month from April 2019 to March 2020.

Financial Statements

There are a couple of things I want to point out on the financial statements you see below.

Other Expenses and Tax Benefits

If you go all the way to the bottom of the profit and loss statement, you will see there is a net income. Then, there is a section for Other Expenses that you don’t normally see on my monthly P&L. That is because it includes my annual depreciation expense for my truck and trailer. I usually only make that adjustment once a year, so it is only included on my annual financial statement, not my monthly one.

The cool thing about a depreciation expense is that it really is not cash out of your pocket but is purely a tax benefit. The simplified version is that because of the depreciation expense, even though I made a little over $32k, the IRS only taxes me on $17,992. This is one of the beauties of owning a business, you get a lot of tax benefits that you just don’t get as a company driver.

Retained Earnings

The retained earnings on the balance sheet is negative. That is because all my startup costs are included in that. So you can see, at the year mark, I have almost completely recouped all my startup costs.

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Mike Wilcox

Such a great episode with invaluable contents. Lots of realistic info that’s helpful when looking at short and long term

Tony Burnett

Chris thank you so much for sharing all your hard work. Its having a tremendous impact on my plans to start my own trucking business. Again God bless you!


3 things come to mind here. 1. You didn’t earn 200k, your business earned 200k. You earned around 75k 2. You dont talk about the “cost” of not being home. Not being with family or friends. That sacrifice is what makes otr driving a truck profitable. Local drivers make a fraction of otr drivers. 3. It really seem like as an owner operator your cents per mile should be closer to $3.00 not $1.87 I have seen lease operator load payouts that are easily 1.75 to 2.50 after their leased on company is taking 20 to 35%. I think you… Read more »


Where are you getting the depreciation value from and how does that factor into you rent income because all that work for 18k does not seem worth the time on the road all year. Especially if you have a home and a mortgage. Based on that bottom line it looks like it makes no sense to own and all the more sense to just be a driver. Please tell me how you came up with 18k and why you’re still doing this?

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I am trying to compare your numbers to someone who was leased to a company that pays 75%. If I am thinking correctly the companies cut would be $50601.33 which is more than your 32k profit which means if you were leased to a company you would have been in the negative. Am I thinking correctly?

[…] jobs, routes, and the number of days spent on the road is yours to determine. Chris managed to generate over $200,000 in total revenue in his first 12 months as an owner-operator, despite minimal starting experience and a four-week […]


Where are the truck and trailer payments accounted for?  It seems like additional weekly payments would really cut into the $32k of profit? please advise, thank you.