June Financials | Episode 56

We’re still experiencing the roller coaster ride of a tough economy and a volatile freight market. With that being said, we still made money in June, it just wasn’t much. Like my dad always says, “It’s better than a swift kick in the butt.” The biggest difference this month that really affected our financials were much higher than normal maintenance and repair expenses.

What To Expect From Episode 56

Here are the numbers for the month. Craig and I go over them and talk in detail about what made the monthly profit lower than we like to see.

  • Total miles ran – 12,765
  • Deadhead miles – 1,178 (A bit higher than I like, but a lot of it was one load that was a good paying load, even with the deadhead)
  • Total revenue – $19,889.62
  • All-in rate-per-mile – $1.56 (Not very good, we had a hard time with rates for freight that was moving from east to west)
  • Full days on the road – 17
  • Partial days on the road – 4

In the end Haulin Assets realized a profit of $169.63.

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Dan Flagg

What about operating under the authority of an established freight co like JB Hunt, Schneider Werner,

Daniel Barreto

I been listening to the podcast for a few months now , great information every episode. How come there was no spreadsheet for june finacials?


its not good to own or drive a truck with all that expenses
what you realy kep on your pocket after taxes at all ??

$169.00 i can do more then that if i go work for mcdonal or tacobell may be better at home depot!


You are working for $5.00 hour wend today minimum wasges are $8.50hour in any state so you work for less and you have to pay your own heathinsurance