Big Changes Coming-A Partner | Episode 69

There are some exciting changes coming to Haulin Assets.

What To Expect From Episode 69

Haulin Assets has been pretty stagnant for the last year. So what is the problem? It’s me. With everything I have going on, I just don’t have the time, and if I am being honest with myself, the energy to do what it takes to make it grow.

There are two common ways to solve that problem. I could hire someone to run and manage the business or I could bring on a partner. We chose the partner route for a lot of different reasons. Listen to the episode to find out why we decided to go the partner route and what the partner we chose brings to the table.

Impact Tip

Be careful with merchant cash advances. They can really blow up in your face. They look like a loan, but technically are not a loan so there are not many rules and regulations protecting you. Listen to the end of the episode to learn a little more about them, including how to recognize them.

FMCSA On-Duty Not Driving Yard Moves

The FMCSA is proposing a change to the yard move HOS rule. I like the changes and give my opinion at the beginning of the podcast. The comment period ends on February 3, 2021. Go to this link and tell the FMCSA what you think

Here is the comment I submitted: “I think yard moves should be any move on private property that is less than 20 MPH. It would also be fair to include public roads adjacent to private property. It is common to be parked on a public road that is used exclusively for access to a private shipper or receiver as you wait for your turn to be loaded/unloaded.

It would be nice to be able to use yard move as you drive from your parking spot to the dock where you will be loaded/unloaded, as long as you can safely maintain a speed less than 20 MPH. The private property would also include truck stops so you can move from the fuel island to a parking spot without using drive time.”

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C Morales

Sorry. I’m not on FB so i can’t comment /like over there. Seems we both got our authorities about the same time but i found your podcast late so I’ve had to binge to catch up. I started with a truck I bought at auction in 2019 and had such good luck with it I traded it in on the same brand when my bank account grew and it was time to move to truck 2 (trade in) in Sep 2020. I ended up upgrading to the model with the RV table setup you mentioned in an early episode but… Read more »