A New Truck and Strong Freight Market | Episode 73

I’ve been on the road the last couple of weeks. Listen in to hear why I’m back in the truck and how things have been going.

What To Expect From Episode 73

During this episode, Craig and I talk all about my first couple of days driving my new truck. It’s a 2022 Freightliner Cascadia. Listen to hear about what I like and don’t like about it.

What to Learn From the Freight Market

I also talk about what is going on with the freight market and how to make the most of it so you are successful now and even more successful in the future.

The current freight environment is great for carriers, so if you can’t make good money in this environment, you’re probably doing something wrong. I don’t want to diminish what anyone has accomplished, because it’s never easy to start a business. But, I say it as a caution.

In this episode, I talk more about how to manage a business when times are good and when they are bad, because there are certain things smart business people do during good times to help them prepare for bad times, and the same things happen in trucking.

There are always going to be companies that are not smart and get overextended and they can make things work when the freight market is doing well, but they struggle and go out of business when the market turns.

Impact Tip

Make sure your company is financially ready to hire a driver. Drivers are the most important thing in your business. The correct timing for hiring them is critical. I give my 2 cents about doing it smartly.

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C Morales

3 Questions (sort of) 1. Are annual UCR fres paid on just tractors or trailers too? 2. When Mike started in Truck 1, there was a simple a/c fix involving a filter. Where was the filter located? 3. A Driver wants to use work under my authority as 1099. I wouldn’t dictate any of his hours, schedule etc. He would find his own loads on his own truck thru my dispatch. a. Would I insure him thru my policy? b. Would I have to provide his IFTA sticker under my name? c. What would the signage on his truck have… Read more »