Listener Interview – Bubba Blackwell | Episode 76

For me personally, this is one of the coolest episodes Craig and I have done. We interview Bubba Blackwell, a listener who has taken what he has learned from the podcast and started his own trucking business. When I started this podcast, one of the biggest reasons I did it was to help other people improve their lives by taking the big step into owning their own business. It was really cool to hear how we have been able to be a part of Bubba’s journey.

Don’t forget you can watch this episode on YouTube.

What To Expect From Episode 76

Talk about a career change, Bubba Blackwell went from an American stunt performer and motorcycle jumping world record holder to an Owner Operator. He is happy with where he is at and excited about where he is headed. Craig and I interview Bubba and talk about his journey and how the Haulin Assets podcast has helped along the way.

There is a lot to learn from Bubba’s experience and it is nice to hear from someone else that the jump to being an Owner Operator is something within reach for just about anyone with the guts and determination to give it a try.

Check out some of Bubba Blackwell motorcycle jumps on YouTube or follow him on twitter, @hdjumper.

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Wow! What a good story! Your work is paying off Chris!