November 2021 Financials | Episode 92

Good times keep coming, November 2021 was another good month for the financials. It wasn’t as good as the last several months, but still a solid month. In this week’s intro, Craig and I talk a little about the ownership mentality.

What To Expect From Episode 92

As always, Craig and I dive into the numbers you see below. There are a few things that stick out in this month’s P&L so make sure to listen as we talk about them.

  • Total miles ran – 44,905 (Consistent with last several months)
  • Deadhead miles – 2,061 (4.6%, on the low side, best we have had in 6 months)
  • Total revenue – $115,992 (Lowest we have had since adding 4th truck)
  • All-in rate-per-mile – $2.58 (Lowest we have had since July and August, which is unusual, November is usually higher than Sept-Oct, so to see a dip in November is not typical. I will be interested to see what happens with December and then really January and February. It is early to tell, but we might be seeing some of the pressure easing on the freight market.)

Haulin Assets realized a profit of $25,499.06. More than $10k lower than last month.

Profit & Loss Sheet

Routes Traveled

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Joseph Taverney

Hey Chris, I love the podcasts, I have learned so much!! I have been an owner opp. since 8/2020. I have leased on to two different compaines during this time. The company I am leased with now, I am making $2.61/mile on average. I pay $1,380 monthly in company deductions, which includes $680.00 trailer rental fee. I want to start my own authority but I am affraid I won’t make or average higher per/mile rate, especially as a new authority and how the brokers dont want to pay the higher rates to new guys. Can you please let me know… Read more »

C Morales

For Whom the Toll Tolls From the driver’s perspective, he generally has every reason to use a toll at every chance since most toll roads are designed to save time rather than distance and he gets paid by distance. Unfortunately, the net result is roughly a 20 – 30 minute earlier arrival to take a shower that night. Typical fuel cost for 2021 was .48/mi at 6.5 mpg fuel efficiency. Add 1/3 in bumper to bumper situations for using more fuel in the same distance of a traffic jam/rush hour without getting on a toll road and you’re at .64/mi… Read more »