Listener Questions | Episode 104

This is a fun episode, we let listeners ask questions that we answer for them. You probably have some of the same questions, so give the episode a listen. Everyone who had a question that was answered on the air got a free Haulin Assets T-Shirt. If you want one, you can order one here.

What To Expect From Episode 104

Here are the questions we answered.

Doug M.

“What is your opinion on using a dispatch service for a 1 truck owner operator?”

Vanita J.

“During your 1st year as an owner operator, did you update your data, or did you have someone do that for you? If you did it yourself, what was your schedule for this task?”

Greg J.

“It would be very helpful to break down the various owner/manager/administrative tasks and estimated weekly hours spent on each.”

Trevor F.

“With the price of fuel hovering around $5 in my area, what steps are you doing to try and reduce this expense as much as possible?”

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