Listener Questions Part 2 | Episode 108

The first episode where we answered listener questions was so much fun that we decided to do it again. You probably have some of the same questions, so give the episode a listen. Everyone who had a question that was answered on the air got a free Haulin Assets T-Shirt. If you want one, you can order one here.

What To Expect From Episode 108

Here are the questions we answered.


“Are there avenues to produce the same amount of income in a local delivery situation as opposed to over the road?”


“Is it possible to buy or transfer someone’s authority if they’re retiring or getting out of their business?”


“How does the timing of buying your first truck affect your success in starting your own company? Is the timing important?”


“The hiring market is extremely tight. Most of us out here are struggling with hiring drivers. What other tips do you have for hiring drivers?”


“I’ve had my class A CDL since 1992 [been working construction since then], and I wanted to try to find another way to feed my family. So I wanted to buy a rig, but the rigs are really expensive nowadays. What kind of advice can you give me?”

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