Managing Challenges | Episode 111

Typically, you can make more money working for yourself than you can working for someone else, but doing so comes with challenges most people don’t want to deal with. If it was easy, more people would do it. Growing a business is never easy and we have dealt with some pretty big challenges over the last couple of months. I want to share some of the experiences we have had and hopefully some of the lessons we have learned to help you manage some of these challenges as smoothly as possible.

What To Expect From Episode 111

Here are the challenges we will discuss in detail:

  • We had to let a driver go, he is a great guy but was just costing us too much money
  • Fuel prices are really hurting the bottom line when freight rates, especially on the spot market, don’t leave much wiggle room
  • We have struggled to get financing for our next trucks, although we think we have it worked out through a lot of work
  • Rates have dropped and we are working on direct shipper loads

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