Hiring Truck Drivers Using Facebook | Episode 126

If you are trying to grow a fleet of trucks, I can just about guarantee your biggest challenge is hiring good drivers. With a nationwide shortage of about 80,000 drivers and a driver turnover rate close to 100%, hiring and keeping good truck drivers is extremely difficult. How does a growing carrier not have their lunch eaten by the big guys when it comes to recruiting? That’s what we’ll cover in this episode…. After we talk about a recent load of eggs we hauled that had some challenges and ended up with a big mess to clean up.

What To Expect From Episode 126

Finding the type of drivers we look for at Haulin Assets has always been a challenge. That challenge got a little easier when we started working with Jake, our guest on this episode, and he helped us start recruiting on Facebook. Here are some reasons to use Facebook as a recruiting tool:

  • 96% of truck drivers have a Facebook account
  • On average, Facebook users spend 33 minutes a day on the platform
  • It’s the #1 platform for user engagement
  • 73% of seekers found their last job through social media

Here are the general topics we cover:

  1. What is currently generating interest in your positions and how do you leverage that?
  2. What needs to be in place before launching ads, i.e. Facebook Business Manager, Facebook Ads Manager, etc?
  3. Who is your target audience?
  4. What content do you need to create and the basics of how to do it.
  5. How many applicants do you need?
  6. What is your plan after launch?

Best Practices

  • Make ads mobile friendly
  • Use images and video
  • Have patience
  • Driver testimonials are gold
  • Use web automations to increase the speed to contact
  • Facebook is a piece of the pie

Common Mistakes

  • Failure to declare your ad as a “special ad category”
  • Poor image sizing
  • Using stock images
  • Not running ads through the Ads Manager
  • Not staying up to date on policy changes implemented by Facebook

Here are a couple of the tools Jake mentioned that you can use to create the images for ads. canva.com and figma.com

apply to be a driver

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