April 2024 Financials | Episode 154

We keep moving in the right direction, April 2024 Financials were better than March. If you remember I mentioned I would be happy if we can keep doubling our net income for 4-5 months. April is the third (3rd) month in a row we have been able to do that. We start off the episode talking about the importance of being agile. If you aren’t agile in this kind of a market, you are going to be hurting.

What To Expect From Episode 154

The freight market has seen quite a bit of changes recently. Utah has fewer loads than usual due to their slow season, which has required us to adjust. Being able to adapt quickly is crucial for any business owner, especially now.

Even though we keep moving in the right direction, there is still a decent way to go. Here are the numbers: 

  • Total Miles Ran– 113,066 (Lowest in a while, had a truck sitting for a while. Larry had to step a way from over the road for a while. He is a great driver, we’ll miss him)
  • Deadhead Miles– 7,551 (6.7%, slight increase)
  • Total Revenue– $241,614.25 (Decrease, for the number of miles, it’s an improvement)
  • All-In Rate-Per-Mile– $2.14 (Moving in the right direction)

Haulin Assets realized another baby profit of $10,565.31. Marking it as a 7 month streak we’ve been in the black.

Here are some of the P&L items we discuss during this episode:

  • Revenue was down
    • Rate per mile was up.
  • Most expenses were pretty normal, but here are the exceptions:
    • Bad debt
    • Maintenance and repairs
    • I did another CPM analysis and we went from $1.97 in October 2023 to $1.87 now


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