May 2024 Financials | Episode 156

This month is a really good indicator of what happens when you have a truck sitting for too long. We had a truck sit the entire month and the impact on the bottom line is pretty easy to calculate. Craig and I spend a few minutes of this episode showing the impact that a sitting truck has on your net income. It’s a pretty interesting case study. Be sure to listen in.

What To Expect From Episode 156

We took a step back this month. Largely because of the truck without a driver. Here are the numbers:

  • Total miles ran– 109,840 (Lowest since September of last year)
  • Deadhead miles– 7,578 (6.9%)
  • Total revenue– $239,743.84
  • All-in rate-per-mile– $2.18 (Moving in the right direction, three months in a row of improvement)

Haulin Assets realized another little profit of $4,688.82. This is a decrease from last month and we ended our streak of doubling every month. But, at least we extend our streak of being in the black. June of last year was the beginning of a really bad streak of losses, I am super interested to see what happens this June. I am crossing my fingers that we can keep the numbers in the black through the summer. That will be a win compared to last year.

There were a few expenses to take note of on the P&L, here are the areas we dive a little deeper into:

  • 5 Payrolls
  • Tolls keep going up and up
  • Fuel is 27% of revenue

Profit and Loss Statement

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