How To Manage Your Cashflow | Episode 85

Your company’s cashflow can either make or break you. It is very important to understand the difference between cashflow and your net income or profit and loss. Some people treat them as the same thing, and that can get you into a lot of trouble. In this episode we’ll try to bring some clarity to the subject to help you avoid some of the more common missteps people take when it comes to managing cashflow.

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July 2021 Financials | Episode 84

Ahhhh, the ups and downs of trucking. We went from a record profit last month to a loss this month. The situation is not as dire as it might sound. There were some one-time expenses that created the loss. Craig and I will explain it all.

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How To Hire Great Truck Drivers | Episode 83

Drivers are such an important part of your business. Two of the common descriptions that truck drivers use to describe each other are professional drivers vs. steering wheel holders. What we cover in this episodes dives into the difference between the two.

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June 2021 Financials | Episode 82

It was another great month for Haulin Assets, I’m super excited to share our numbers with you this month. We need to keep this momentum going for as long as we can. There are some great financial nuggets in this episode so make sure you listen all the way to the end.

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Don’t Be Indecisive | Episode 81

I’m out of the country on a military assignment so this episode is short and sweet, it’s just an impact tip.

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Leasing a Semi-Truck vs. Buying One | Episode 80

The word “lease” in the trucking industry is incredibly confusing, because it means so many different things. Craig and I start off by breaking down some of the most common ways the word lease is used in the industry and which type of lease usually creates the most horror stories. This episode’s focus is going to be on the type of lease that is similar to a car lease.

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May 2021 Financials | Episode 79

Back in the saddle again. After a month with two trucks sitting we had all three trucks running for about half the month of May and that was enough to get us back in the black. I am super excited to see what will happen in June.

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Business Credit For Trucking Companies | Episode 78

Most people can’t start a trucking company without using credit. There are both similarities and differences between personal credit and business credit, we’ll cover some of the nuances. If you want to learn more about how business credit works, some of the pitfalls to avoid, and steps you can take to help establish good business credit, this is the episode for you. Craig and I try to shed some light on this confusing and often misunderstood subject.

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April 2021 Financials | Episode 77

Numbers never lie, but this month, I don’t think they tell the full story either. So, was April a good month or a bad month? On the surface, it looks like a bad month, but I don’t feel like that is really the case. Operationally, it was a good month. We did have a loss, but that loss is all attributed to investing in growth.

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Listener Interview – Bubba Blackwell | Episode 76

For me personally, this is one of the coolest episodes Craig and I have done. We interview Bubba Blackwell, a listener who has taken what he has learned from the podcast and started his own trucking business. When I started this podcast, one of the biggest reasons I did it was to help other people improve their lives by taking the big step into owning their own business. It was really cool to hear how we have been able to be a part of Bubba’s journey.

Don’t forget you can watch this episode on YouTube.

What To Expect From Episode 76

Talk about a career change, Bubba Blackwell went from an American stunt performer and motorcycle jumping world record holder to an Owner Operator. He is happy …

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