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A Bit About Us

If you’ve ever thought about starting your own trucking company, becoming an independent owner operator, or becoming a business owner, Haulin Assets is the podcast for you! Chris Vernon has been running his own businesses for years, but this is his first year driving a semi-truck. You can get insight from him as his years of business experience gets put to the test as he navigates actually driving a truck.

We’ve got over 50 episodes to listen to, and while you can start from the beginning, we know that’s a lot to take in. My recommendation is to start with the episode looking back on my first year as a truck driver and how I made over $200,000 as an owner operator. It covers the lessons I’ve learned, how I did it, and more.

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Learn how to become an independent owner operator by following the same steps I did.

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Want to know how much you can make as an independent owner operator? Check out my profit and cashflow from running Haulin Assets.

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Download questionnaires and checklists or use our free calculators to learn how much it costs to start and run your own trucking company.
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