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A podcast about starting your own trucking company.

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What Is Haulin Assets?

Haulin Assets is a one-man trucking company started by Chris Vernon, the owner of Motor Carrier HQ. Chris has years of experience helping others start their own trucking company. Now he’s going from behind the desk to behind the wheel to put his money where his mouth is. Follow the highs and lows of starting a trucking company through our podcast Haulin Assets. Here’s what you can expect from our podcast:

A Breakdown of Confusing Jargon

We’ve spent years helping others do exactly what we’re achieving in our podcast: starting our own trucking company. No jargon. No lawspeak. We’re keeping it real, and we’re keeping it simple on everything you need to get your own company started.

Advice From
Actual Experts

We bring in the experience from experts who currently work in the industry to help you start your own trucking company. They’re here to discuss all the pros and cons that come with being your own boss.


We’ve created printable worksheets that are free to use as part of our show notes. These sheets are designed to help you determine how to align your business’ goals and check off exactly what you need, so you can have it all written down.


See what others are saying

    positive review  Saw you pass me on I-15 about a mile south of Downey Idaho at 12:51 pm, I was listening to podcast #30. Thank you for all the information, I’ve been a company driver for 22 years, gives me a lot to think about?????

    Jesse Anaya Avatar Jesse Anaya
    April 21, 2020

    positive review  Love the podcast and all the insight has been very beneficial. Highly recommend anyone to listen and have a laugh every once in a while also.

    Brent Parker Avatar Brent Parker
    March 11, 2020

    positive review  You guys are just Awesome ; great info thank you; I’m absolutely hooked ... currently on episode 13 can’t wait to get caught-up!

    Francisco Rios Avatar Francisco Rios
    March 8, 2020

    positive review  Listening to this podcast, from start to the last episode, makes my day driving all that much better. I appreciate the information you all are sharing and feel as if I am learning a lot! Your podcast has pushed me over the edge and I am more ready to commit to my own authority sooner than later.

    Ben Downing Avatar Ben Downing
    March 6, 2020

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From Employee Driver to Savvy Business Owner

Whether you’re new to the industry or have decades of experience, if you’re interested in starting your own trucking company, the Haulin Assets podcast is the place to start. We talk to experts in the field and discuss topics such as:

We’re taking these complex topics and breaking them down in an entertaining and easy to digest format, plus we’re offering even more resources in our show notes, completely free. Just send us your email, and you’ll get updates to our podcast directly in your inbox!

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