How To Purchase Commercial Truck Insurance | Episode 9

Getting commercial insurance for your truck is an intimidating process. We hope listening to this episode will help you so you don’t go into the process blind and can make the best, informed decision for you. To learn even more, check out our page on the same subject at Motor Carrier HQ.

What to Expect From Episode 9

In this episode we talk about how to purchase insurance for your truck. This will be one of the biggest purchases you make, so it’s important to be smart about it. You’ll learn a lot listening to this episode and reading the page on Motor Carrier HQ’s website. Here is the order you should typically do things in.

  1. Apply for your motor carrier authority so you have an MC number and USDOT number before you call. (We can help with that step at Motor Carrier HQ. Give us a call at 866-739-2032 to get started.)
  2. Gather the information your insurance agent will need for a quote. (We go into detail about that on Motor Carrier HQ’s page.)
  3. Call at least two different insurance agents and get quotes from two to five insurance companies.
  4. Evaluate the quotes. Keep in mind, price is important, but it is not always the most important.
  5. Be prepared for the down payment. You are usually going to have to put at least 10% down, usually more like 15-25%. We’re talking $3,000 or more.

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What if you are going to be an owner operator of a 26′ box truck that does not require a cdl, will that make it a little easier getting insurance.

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My partner and I are looking to start up a hotshot business. We were wondering if you think leasing on to someone would be a good idea? Also for insurance, how much in coverage would we need? Any advice helps! Thanks!

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Is there a time frame one has to obtain insurance before DOT and or MC number expire?

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