Control Your Circumstances | Episode 26

This is a pretty short episode, but I think the lessons Craig and I discuss are critical for a successful trucking company owner. I’m experiencing everything a trucker often has to deal with on the road. But the best way to deal with unexpected problems? Take control and be prepared.

What to Expect From Episode 26

In this episode I talk about controlling your own circumstances. There are a million ways you can say about the same thing, create your own luck, be prepared, master of your own destiny, etc. They all boil down to one simple truth: although you can’t control everything that happens to you, you can control how you handle a situation and how well prepared you are for it.

A quote I talk about in this episode is from two-star General MG Burton:

“Luck favors the prepared.”

I give a few examples of things that have happened to me over the last couple of months and how being prepared or not being prepared for them found me in control of the situation or being controlled by the situation. I’ve dealt with:

  • A deer hitting my truck
  • A big tow bill
  • Waiting nine hours at a shipper
  • Having the weight in my trailer loaded wrong and putting me over the limit
  • Blowing a tire
  • Getting ahead of a snowstorm in order to make my load on time

But because I prepared for these types of situations, I was in control of how I reacted to them. I had money set aside, and I didn’t need to get desperate to take care of my finances.

What experiences, lucky and unlucky, have you dealt with while on the road? How were you able to take control of your circumstances to make what seemed to be a bad situation better? Let me know on Facebook or in the comments below.

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