Starting a Business in a Questionable Economy | Episode 30

I have had a lot of people talk about the economy and the current state of the trucking industry. Things are different now than they were last year. Last year’s rates were better than we had seen in a really long time. You couldn’t help but make money but that might not have been an entirely good thing. I think this year we are seeing some negative consequences from last year’s boom. So what does that mean?

What to Expect From Episode 30

During this episode, Craig and I talk a lot about the state of the owner-operator world. Things were really good for most people last year and a lot of companies and owner-operators made decisions that are now having a negative impact on the freight market this year. We break it all down and talk about what I think it means.

Wondering When to Start Your Trucking Company?

There are pros and cons to starting and running a business when the economy or an industry is struggling and we will talk about that. I use my experience of doing just that and some of the lessons I have learned over the years.

I know there are a lot of people out there asking themselves the question, “Is now the right time for me?”. That is a very personal question and I can’t answer it for you. I hope the info we share in this episode will arm you with some important information and thinking points to help you decide what is right for you in your situation.

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