Don’t Succumb to Temptation | Episode 63

Temptation is like a knife, that may either cut the meat or the throat of a man; it may be his food or his poison, his exercise or his destruction.

John Owen

What To Expect From Episode 63

Replace the word temptation with money in the quote above. Making good money can be a blessing, but it can also be a curse. I have seen too many people in my career who have become blinded by a little early success and then ending up getting themselves into a lot of trouble.

Craig and I talk about not falling into temptation when rates are really good and you are making good money, so you avoid some pitfalls that commonly mean the end of companies that were once successful.

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I love the podcast guys, its very informative and insightful. I’m a 16 year company driver, I feel the only thing left for me to do is to try owner operating I got that itch. However this virus and the uncertainty of the economy has me on the fence. Keep up the good work!!

Al Kohl

James, I feel your misgivings. The wife and I saved to buy our own truck. That became a reality back in May. An owner operator i respected very much told me back in the last recession we had, ” If you can make it during the bad time, the good times will be gravy.” While things are tight, we are making it. Our next step will be looking into our authorities. Best of luck.