Introducing Impact Tips | Episode 67

I’m going to start including what I call an “Impact Tip of the Episode” with every new podcast episode. I am hoping to share a simple tip that can be summarized in one sentence, but will be something you can implement in your business that will have a positive impact on it. In this episode, Craig and I will introduce the concept.

What To Expect From Episode 67

For a while, the Impact Tips will focus on finances. Finances are the foundation of a business. If your financial situation is weak, at best, the business will never reach its full potential. At worst, the business will eventually go under.

I feel like the first tip is so important, I am going to focus an entire episode on it. Here is the tip:

Impact Tip

Make sure your personal finances are in good shape before you start a business. I know, this sounds like a no-brainer, but listen to the episode and I bet you will learn about ways your personal finances affect your business that you’d never thought of.

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When I drove trucks with an automated manual 12speed transmission, I would hold the brake with my left foot while backing. This slowed the backing speed and kept the clutch from disengaging. So light throttle and control your speed with the brake foot and no more “crashing” the docks or trailer.



Kevin Leis

I just saw your YouTube commercial for the pod cast! Congratulations!