March 2021 Financials | Episode 75

March was Haulin Assets’ best month ever. Craig and I will go over what made it such a great month. Also, the annual CVSA (Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance) Roadcheck is coming up May 4-6. We talk about what they are looking for this year and why you might want to not avoid it. You can learn more details by clicking here.

What To Expect From Episode 75

Here are the numbers for the month.

  • Total miles ran – 24,488
  • Deadhead miles – 1,741 (7.1%, higher than it has been)
  • Total revenue – $69,039.09
  • All-in rate-per-mile – $2.81

In the end Haulin Assets realized a profit of $20,350.74.

What really makes this exciting is that we made that large of a profit and we even started paying ourselves some non-driver pay for running the business.

Profit & Loss Sheet

Routes Traveled

Truck 1

Truck 2

Truck 3

Impact Tip

Always follow through. When you say you are going to do something, do it. If you commit to do something by a certain time or to meet up with someone, stick to it. Many people, especially successful ones, value their time more than about anything else. Following through and sticking to timelines is one of the best ways to show others you are a professional.

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[…] cover this topic briefly on episode 75 of Haulin Assets, so make sure to check it out to see why you should consider still driving during this time, even […]