September 2021 Financials | Episode 88

September 2021 financials were great giving us another strong month.

What To Expect From Episode 88

Before we dive into the financials, Craig and I compare onboarding a new driver to my marriage. It wasn’t all peaches and cream. We talk a bit about some of the things that will help make the process run a bit more smoothly.

Some very good looking numbers.

  • Total miles ran – 46,541
  • Deadhead miles – 2,376 (5.1%)
  • Total revenue – $127,527
  • All-in rate-per-mile – $2.74

Haulin Assets realized a profit of $38,702.03.

Impact Tip

Fail to plan, plan to fail. We are coming up on the end of a year and the beginning of a new one. Now is the time to start planning for next year. What are your goals for 2022? Also, take a serious look at your 3-5 year plan. The best companies always do annual planning. Even if you are in this by yourself, you need to do this. Don’t just have a plan in your head. Make it a deliberate process and write the plan down.

Profit & Loss Sheet

Routes Traveled

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