March 2022 Financials | Episode 101

We break all kinds of financial records this month. We have some fun with this episode and try to trick Craig with some trucking acronyms.

What To Expect From Episode 101

We had all 5 trucks running strong for the entire month. By the end of the month, we basically had completed 3 full years in operation, and having our strongest month ever was a great way to celebrate. One thing that has a tendency to surprise people when they hear about how much money we are making is that we haven’t taken a dime out of the company, other than a modest salary for Nate and me. We talk a bit about that and some other cool financial topics, including continuing the conversation about comparing expenses, specifically our fuel expense, to total revenue as a percentage. Doing so can be especially helpful at a time like this when fuel is going up super fast, we use this technic to see how much of a problem the surging fuel prices are, or maybe they aren’t such a problem… Tune in to find out.

The first full month with all trucks running 100%, hence all the records.

  • Total miles ran – 57,475 (Record)
  • Deadhead miles – 3,124 (5.4%, Back to Normal)
  • Total revenue – $174,594.90 (Record)
  • All-in rate-per-mile – $3.04 (Pretty Good)

Haulin Assets realized a profit of $65,714.92. Another record.

Profit & Loss Sheet

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