Are We Staying True To Our Purpose? | Episode 113

Every once in a while it is good to be called on the carpet. A couple of months ago a listener did that and I really appreciate the time and thought he put into his comments. He put a bit of a novel into a Facebook comment about episode 105. You can find his original comment here. He had some nice things to say, suggested some things he thought we should do better, and made some general comments about the podcast. Craig and I spent most of this episode addressing most of the points of his comments. I think that makes this episode another listener questions episode. Eric, this one is for you!

What To Expect From Episode 113

Here are some of the topics we address:

  • Does Chris really even have an active role in Haulin Assets anymore?
  • Why did Haulin Assets grow by more than one truck a year when he recommends you only grow by one truck a year?
  • Cashflow
  • Managing people
  • The organization of Haulin Assets
  • Balance Sheets
  • Goals
  • A few other things…

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