June 2023 Financials | Episode 132

The roller coaster continues. We were pretty high last month, that means we’re pretty low this month. Before we dive into the numbers Craig and I talk a little about some analysis I have been doing on the brokers and shippers we have been hauling the most for. I think it is going to help us focus in on relationships we want to develop and others we might want to let go. I think you’ll see an episode on this subject in the next couple of months. We got Truck 12 on the road in June, that’s exciting.

We also have a sponsor for this episode, Meramec Solutions. If you have any need to hire drivers, they are a great option that we have used several times at Haulin Assets. We have had great success using them. You can learn more by visiting their website, click here. It never hurts to give them a call to see if they are a good match for your needs.

What To Expect From Episode 132

I’m glad I didn’t get too comfortable making a profit. We definitely swung the other way this month. 

  • Total miles ran– 109,092 (Record, 10.25 trucks, 10,643 miles per truck. Not bad.)
  • Deadhead miles– 6,837 (6.3%)
  • Total revenue– $200,773.11
  • All-in rate-per-mile– $1.90 (I removed Truck 12’s numbers from this, because the mileage was out of proportion with the revenue since it started at the end of the month)

Haulin Assets realized a loss of $23,461.08. There are several things that made the loss as bad as it was. Rates still suck, that is probably the biggest issue. Close behind is that we added Truck 12 in June.

Here are some of the P&L items we discuss during the show:

  • Why payroll expense was so high
  • Fuel was $6k more than May and was 33.4% of revenue
  • Maintenance was high
  • Tow bill for truck 08
  • About $2k in expenses getting 12 on the road


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