September 2023 Financials | Episode 140

I have some good news and some bad news…. October is going to break some records, in a good way. Before we can get to October, we have to get through September, which broke a record in a bad way.

What To Expect From Episode 140

September is our 4th month in a row with a loss, but I am pretty confident that streak is going to end with October. The freight market continues to struggle and so does our bottom line. Here are the numbers for September.

  • Total miles ran– 103,808 (We essentially had one truck sitting in September)
  • Deadhead miles– 7,021 (6.8%)
  • Total revenue– $198,099.60
  • All-in rate-per-mile– $1.91 (really bad, again)

Haulin Assets realized a loss of $49,554.61. We did finally sell Truck 01 and $23,001 of that hit the P&L as other income, so the true loss was slightly more palatable at $26,558.11.

There is a lot to digest in this P&L. Here are some of the things we discuss in more detail.

  • Damages
  • An extra payroll
  • Hiring costs
  • Work comp audit
  • Maintenance and repairs

Profit & Loss Sheet

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