November 2023 Financials | Episode 143

Earlier this week I had one of the crazier days I have had in a long time. Two trucks broke down within a matter of minutes of each other and we had a truck involved in a minor accident. Needless to say, we have a few interesting things to talk about.

What To Expect From Episode 143

Another month in the black, but I still feel like we are running on a treadmill getting nowhere. I am beyond ready for a change in the freight market. I was expecting a little better 4th quarter than we are seeing. At least it isn’t as bad as this summer was. Here are the numbers:

  • Total miles ran– 123,557 (11,232 average per truck. I am happy with that)
  • Deadhead miles– 7,455 (6%, backdown to a respectable number)
  • Total revenue– $246,357.69 (Second best ever)
  • All-in rate-per-mile– $1.99 (I really want to see this number above $2.25)

Haulin Assets realized another small profit of $9,471.77. I was hoping for better, but it does feel good that we are not bleeding as badly as we have been.

The P&L was pretty bland so there was NSTR. (Army acronym, can you guess what it means?)

Profit & Loss Sheet

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