Finding Loads, Relationships | Episode 148

If you want to hear about the worst experiences I have had with a repair shop, listen to this episode. All I can say is never take your truck to the Freightliner Northwest in the Seattle area. As time goes on, I get more and more comfortable dispatching. One of the best parts of dispatching is the relationships I have been able to build. Relationships is one of the biggest keys to being successful in finding loads.

What To Expect From Episode 148

Anyone can find loads, it is a lot more difficult to find profitable loads and keep drivers happy. The biggest difference between finding just any load and finding consistent, good-paying loads is building good relationships. When I first started dispatching, I was getting all of my loads, that weren’t direct shipper loads, off load boards. Last month I booked 41 loads through brokers, I only got 20 of them from a load board. The other 21 were all via a few broker relationships where I was able to reach out directly to the broker and get a load before they had posted it.

The meat and potatoes of this episode cover some of the things I have been doing to find and build those relationships. This may seem like a simple thing, but it’s not easy. It takes time, commitment, compromise, and a good attitude. Doing it right can have one of the biggest positive impacts on your trucking company. Like many hard things, it’s worth the time and commitment it takes. Being willing and able to do hard things is one of the biggest factors that separate the successful from the unsuccessful.

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