Eating Marshmallows and Trucking | Episode 151

Who didn’t like marshmallows when they were a kid and how do they relate to trucking? We’ll try to answer that. Before we do, I want to rant a bit. I can’t wait until I’m like Walmart and companies just have to do what I say, whether they like it or not. We talk about a new decision Walmart has made that affects us. To be honest, I can’t argue with their logic, but I don’t have to be happy about it.

What To Expect From Episode 151

In 1972 psychologist Walter Mischel of Stanford conducted a study on delayed gratification with some kids. It was called the Stanford Marshmallow Experiment. We talk about the experiment and how it relates to trucking, especially business ownership. The study largely focuses on self-control and willpower and how those two skills or traits have an impact on a person’s ability to be successful. Listen to the episode as Craig and I talk about the study and how important those two skills or traits are. We also attempt to answer the questions whether those traits are something you are born with or can learn or develop as you age.

Here are some interesting additional readings about the Stanford Marshmallow Experiment.

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