Finding Loads, The Keys To Success | Episode 149


We start this episode off with a funny story about Cruella de Vil the truck, it makes for a good listen. Finding the right loads is one of the most important things to do well with your trucking company. It is also one of the most challenging. That is why I decided to do a series on the subject. This episode is going to wrap the series up and tie it all together with a neat little bow. If you have not listened to the previous three episodes, go back and listen to them first. As a reminder, they were: Episode 144, Finding Loads, They Systems I Use, Episode 146, Finding Loads, The Process, and Episode 148, Finding Loads, Relationships.

What To Expect From Episode 149

The spot market, that mostly lives on load boards, has its purpose in the trucking industry. However…. if that is all you are using, you probably won’t last long as a company and you definitely won’t be as profitable as you could be. There is both a science and an art to find the best loads available. The the science is the systems, processes, and number crunching and art is the relationships and negotiation. We break down the science and art and talk about the following keys to success:

The Science

  • Having good systems
    • Load board
    • TMS
    • File Storage
    • Tracking weather
  • Having a good process
    • Early to bed, early to rise, makes a dispatcher successful and wise
    • Don’t wait
    • Be efficient
  • Know your numbers
    • Variable and total cost per mile
    • Target rate per mile
    • Revenue per day is as important as rate per mile

The Art

  • 80-20 Rule
  • It’s about relationships
  • Where to find the best loads
  • How to negotiate

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